Realise the true
potential of treasury.

Treasury departments are evolving into innovative creators of value, delivering competitive advantage to their organisations. Covarius acts as both inciter and catalyst to deliver that transformation. We partner at every level of the organisation to realise the true potential of treasury operations.

Our functional capabilities.

We work to understand your long-term goals, rather than sell you siloed, short-term solutions or standalone implementations. Our functional framework – Identify, Implement, Improve – helps transform treasury operations, releasing untapped value, integrating new technology where it matters most and helping treasuries develop new capabilities.


Outcomes, not hours.

We understand treasury. We harness our experience and expertise to create new visions. Whether you are looking to unlock value, modernise your business architecture or create a transformative technology roadmap, our advisory and architecture approaches will help you realise the true potential of treasury.


Treasury transformation visions, programme frameworks and value initiatives built from the ground up.


Roadmaps to modernise your technology and operating models, and reduce the risk in change.


Leadership and advisory that shapes treasury technology initiatives and architectures.


Implementation that drives success.

Every treasury is different – its culture, technology, process and the organisational strategy it serves. We combine technical expertise with considered consulting – partnering expert to expert – in implementation and transformation programmes to deliver the success you expect.

Treasury Systems

Deployment of multi-vendor SaaS and enterprise, treasury system platforms.

SAP Consulting

Custom treasury insights using traditional reporting tools and modern Business Intelligence platforms.

Global Delivery Services

Oversight for remote and on-site SAP, SaaS and Enterprise Treasury vendor programmes.

Managed Testing Services

Hyper-Testing models and assets focused on quality, agility and lowered costs.

Aftercare Services

Safeguarding Treasuries with maximum attention and day-to-day systems' expertise.

Digital Process Services

Work procedure content for TMS and Payments platforms, using intelligent Wiki frameworks.


Client-centred solutions.

Processes and systems are the foundations for ways of working. We modernise treasuries with digital solutions that elevate experts, enhance processes and unlock both efficiencies and potential within operations.

Data and Analytics

Delivering rapid treasury insights using modern Business Intelligence platforms and accelerators.

Automation Consulting

Treasury systems delivery leveraging testing and process hyper automations.

Application Engineering

Modernize the treasury technology landscape through development of bespoke business solutions.

Technical Hypercare Services

Empowering treasuries with expert ongoing support for analytics, automation and custom platforms.

Uniun Integration

The intelligent integration platform built for corporate treasury to transform ERP connectivity.

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